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Using Report Data Strategically

Posted by Deanna Cruzan on October 24th, 2013

So, you have sent out your latest email campaign and checked your stats—open rate, click through rate, unsubscribes (etc.)—to assess performance. But those numbers in relation to a single campaign might not tell the whole story. In order to get the most out of your email reporting metrics, it is important to create a plan on how you can use all of the available data.

For instance, don’t just review your most recent campaign’s click through rate, compare it to your last several campaigns. If it’s a seasonal campaign, compare to similar campaigns from the same time during the previous year(s). Is your response rate going up or down? If it is changing, what are you doing differently and how can you gain the results you would like? Testing alternate content and calls-to-action would be a good start, or it could be that your list quality has decreased due to a number of new subscribers who are not engaging with your emails. Using comparison data is a great way to help identify potential issues in your email program so you can adjust accordingly.

It’s also important to use response data as a way to drive action. This could come in the form of a follow-up email to recipients who clicked a specific link(s) in a previous campaign, or you can use this data to drive offline action as well. If you know “X” recipients clicked on a link related to auto loans, pass that information along to your loan officer so that they can reach out to those individuals who indicated some level of interest.

Use the data available to send specific emails to those who open their emails on a mobile device vs. a desktop. These emails can inform mobile users of mobile apps, online banking tools, or just special content for those on the go. The more the email is targeted to the customer, the more they are likely to respond.

Lastly, look at your unsubscribe data, especially if you are requesting a reason for unsubscribe as part of the opt-out process. If content appears to be an issue, send a survey to find out what current subscribers are most interested in. Or if it’s a matter of volume, consider offering subscribers the option of specifying their desired mailing frequency.

The email channel lends itself well to recipient tracking, which results in a large amount of actionable data. It is critical to have a strategy to use that data to enhance your campaigns and improve your results. If you’d like assistance developing your own email strategy, contact Harland Clarke Digital to learn more about our strategic consulting services.


A Quick Update to Brand Your SubscriberMail Hosted Pages

Posted by Nic Winters on January 28th, 2013

Your Logo HereHarland Clarke Digital provides all SubscriberMail users with a standard page where recipients can update their email address or opt-out from future mailings. Clients can work with us to develop custom pages for this purpose, but here is one quick update you can make on your own that will allow you to brand your default page.

Within your SubscriberMail account, you have the ability to use our Add a Logo feature – a simple file selection and import screen that allows you to identify an image you would like to be featured above our standard unsubscribe verbiage. You can import your logo or a banner image that matches the heading on your homepage.

Not only will this image be displayed on the unsubscribe/edit page, it will also automatically appear above content on other pages we host for you. This could include “read more” pages (if you have read more links coded into your SubscriberMail email template) and subscription confirmation pages (if you are utilizing SubscriberMail opt-in code on your website).

Contact the Harland Clarke Digital Client Support team at for more information.