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Consumer Education

Arm your account holders with the knowledge to make solid
financial decisions with consumerU from Harland Clarke Digital.


consumerU enables your financial institution to provide a broad online curriculum of more than 50 financially-focused topics, and provides account holders with useful information that can help them make solid financial decisions when buying a car or home, choosing a credit card, and saving for education or retirement. Worksheets and calculators help with budgeting and planning.

Drive traffic back to your financial institution's website with custom sidebar options. Promote your auto-lending products on the How to Buy a New Car module, or include links to specific products and services within your site on every module within the Credit & Loans section. Ask HCD how to customize consumerU to fit your specific needs.

Connect your consumerU to other Harland Clarke Digital Products to enhance your lifecycle marketing program. Promote your overdraft protection program, gather email addresses for your e-newsletter, or include a feedback survey.

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