Is Your Email “From” Name a Big Deal?

Posted by on February 21st, 2013

Face of EmailThe title of this post asks a question that would seem fairly obvious, but it can be read two different ways. Is your email “From” name a big deal in the sense that it is an important component of your campaigns? Of course. Now ask yourself, is your email “From” name a big deal in the sense that recipients will recognize it when it displays in their inbox?

I’m speaking specifically about marketers who work hard to establish a brand identity for their organization, only to send emails that come from an individual within the company (often a CEO or other executive). This approach can be effective when these individuals have a strong relationship with recipients, but in a number of cases the non-branded From name is indistinguishable at-a-glance from those often used by spammers to give the illusion of a one-to-one communication.

At a minimum, it’s worth testing the response difference between using this approach and using your brand name. If using an individual’s name as the “From” name on your email communications, that person had better be a “big deal” — otherwise you risk having your messages passed over by recipients who simply didn’t recognize you. Now that, is a big deal…


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