Potentiating the Customer Engagement Triad (Part 2)

Posted by on February 4th, 2013

MazeThe attainment of high levels of Customer Engagement for any organization is clearly a necessity for growth and business success since it leads to overall customer retention, an increase in the lifetime value of a customer and promotes advocacy which serves to improve brand awareness and grow an organization’s customer base. Fortunately, every organization has the ability to impact and facilitate engagement among their customers. They just need to understand how.

First and foremost, driving customer engagement from the organization’s side requires a deep understanding of the needs, expectations and perceptions of the customers within each step of the engagement triad – Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy. The only means by which to attain this information is to ask for it. Typically this is accomplished through customer research – surveys, interviews, focus groups and forums.

Although this sounds straight forward and quite simple, it is actually where the challenge begins. And, the challenge is in knowing what to ask during the research in order to gain the necessary information. The ability to ask the right questions lies within the complete understanding of each step of the triad and how they are linked. Since the first step of the triad is satisfaction, this should always be the starting point. My next article will delve more deeply into the understanding of satisfaction and the primary role it plays in the facilitation of engagement among customers.

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