Affluent Customers Still Want A Hard Copy

Posted by on January 31st, 2013

MagazinesEver since the economy started declining in 2008, many companies have slashed budgets and staff in an effort to survive. Marketing budgets are often easy targets for reduction—especially direct mail campaigns, as the high costs often attributed to DM campaigns makes them seem less profitable compared to the ROI of other channels.

We’ve seen greater ROI realization by combining efforts across multiple channels. Another reason to not abandon DM is found in the newly released “2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey” by Ipsos MediaCT (their 36th annual survey).

“Affluents” (defined as HHI $100k+) are still looking for printed publications/materials despite being more likely than other groups to have smartphones and tablets. Eighty-two percent of Affluents reported reading at least one of the 150 print publications (143 magazines, 7 newspapers) mentioned in the survey. Cutting through the numbers, Ipsos determined that this group (59M strong in the US) reads an average of 8.2 titles and 18.7 issues of them. The survey further found that “Affluent Women” and a group called “Ultra Affluents” (HHI $250k+) are even more likely to devour printed materials, with the highest quantity of titles and issues read.

This combination of strong print and digital penetration amongst Affluents and Ultra Affluents means marketers need to be targeting/segmenting their subscription lists and speaking to each group appropriately. If you have customers in either/both of these groups, ensure you’re dedicating the right people and messaging to them; speak to them across multiple channels for maximum return on your investment. If you’re refocusing your marketing budget, make sure you don’t save money in the short term and lose your most profitable audience in the long term.

A print newsletter (as well as high-quality catalogs) might still make sense for your company. Producing consistent, engaging content is critical to the ongoing success of any effort (print or digital). Behind all of this must be a logical, adaptive/flexible strategic plan for your communications. And as we often say test, test, and re-test.

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